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For a coffee break with a double dose of grandeur, here's a spacious cup without a handle, allowing you to enjoy coffee the Italian way, in a glass.
Semi-transparent, this handle-free cup is for freedom of expression and encourages the invention of new hot concoctions: latte, hazelnut matcha, and any other sophisticated milky revolution.


Composition: 100% blown glass

Colors: Transparent, clear foam.

Dimensions: Ø : 8 cm; H : 7 cm

Benefits: The ideal cup for setting sail with your strong coffee.

Care: Handle the object with care and delicacy. Handwashing with warm water and mild soap is preferred. Dry flat. For adult use only. Dishwasher and microwave are not recommended as they can break the glass.

Use : For those who like it hot, this cup not only gives coffee a warm welcome but also a breath of fresh air: its blown glass prevents it from getting winded for a perfectly timed temperature.

Pour warm/hot water into your cup to prepare it for holding hot liquid; otherwise, your cup may crack.


Mouth blowned by Fehri in Nabeul, Tunisia.

Our entire collection of blown glass derives its material from recycled glass bottles collected in Nabeul, Tunisia. Melted at 1500 degrees, like sun-kissed ice, then shaped to our liking.

Each piece is individually handcrafted or mouth-blown, with meticulous attention to detail, which may result in slight variations in size, color, or finish. Presence of bubbles.


Au fond d’une ruelle de la ville de Nabeul se trouve l’atelier de soufflage de verre de Fehri, collé à sa maison ou vivent aussi ses parents, sa femme ainsi que leur petite fille, qui de temps en temps vient rendre visite à son père.

De l'extérieur, un atelier modeste et sans prétention aux allures de petite maison. Mais à l’intérieur, c’est un paradis pour les amoureux des couleurs. De la vaisselle de toutes les formes et tailles sont exposées avec une délicate splendeur dans chaque coin et recoin.

On appellera son atelier : Le Murano du Cap bon

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