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If it's not made of sugar, this sweet dessert spoon is a small masterpiece of craftsmanship, worthy of a pastry recipe. With a shape so light and exquisite, it is the cherry on top of the most elegant desserts, even the smallest espressos.

Sold individually.


Beneath its marshmallow-like appearance, it is meticulously crafted with a blowtorch for a smooth effect like a "roudoudou" candy and is shared like a sweet word, fluttering from mouth-to-mouth like a little kiss.

Made from molten glass at over 1000 degrees, it captivates and satisfies coffee enthusiasts, tea lovers, and collectors of curiosities.

Composition: 100% Soda-lime glass
Dimensions: 14 cm
Care: Handle the object with care and delicacy. Handwashing with warm water and mild soap is preferable. Dry flat. Intended for adult use only. Dishwasher and microwave are not recommended and may break the glass.



Each spoon is unique, molded, and crafted with a blowtorch by the skilled hands of Agnès, a talented artisan working in her small workshop in Gers, France, where she revives the flame of the world's oldest technique to make glass. Meticulous attention is given to every detail; however, slight variations between each piece in terms of size, color, or finish may be observed.


Nestled in the heart of the Gascon countryside, Agnès's confidential workshop is full of little wonders that sparkle in the dazzled eyes of the village children. Like a fairy, she skillfully wields the oven and blowtorch to create sparks. Agnès has the art and skill to play with the transparencies and shimmer of glass, and with a magic touch, she transforms sand into multicolored nuggets.

Her inspiration: when she opens the door of her house, all she needs to do is pick from the palette of seasons, revealed every morning by the valley she overlooks.

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