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Time to set the table! Whether for a meal with friends, a family picnic or a romantic dinner, our woven placemats will dress up your most beautiful tables.

Sold individually.



100% jonc de mer




31 cm x 40 cm

Origin & production

Hand-woven in Nabeul, Tunisia, by our master weaver Tawfik, who knows all the tricks of the trade.


Hand-clean with warm water and gentle soap.


Each placemat is hand-woven on a loom with meticulous attention to every detail, which may result in slight variations between each piece in terms of size, color or finish.


The smar, a plant grown in fields regularly flooded by sea water, gives the fiber its resistance to humidity.
The preparation of the rush takes place during the summer, and involves harvesting the rush, drying it in the sun for two months, then storing it for three months to make it more supple.
The mats are woven on a horizontal loom, requiring twelve hours' work to produce 3 meters of matting.


Behind the light blue doors of this small workshop, where the local cats come to take refuge, Tawfik, a rather reserved craftsman with deep blue eyes, welcomes us to share his craft: sea rush weaving. Carpets, placemats and baskets are laid out all over the workshop, and the eyes don't know where to look.

A notebook and pen to record our contact details. His telephone, dating from the 2000s, is never switched on. To communicate with him, you have to go through his son or his wife, or arrive unannounced at his home. Knock knock, we discover a modest house with an interior courtyard featuring an orange blossom distiller and a singing bird.

After collecting our placemats, we leave with a bottle of orange blossom water.

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