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If you have a natural inclination for napping or the art of sun-drying like a summer fruit, our LA SABLÉE fouta is the Tunisian cousin of the pareo, or the lightweight alternative to a terry towel.

Easy to fold and slip on, it's also a stylish accessory to tie around your waist.


80% linen, 10% cotton

Greige, with shades of sand, moon, and linen flower.

1,90 m x 1 m

Origine & production
Handwoven by Ahmed in Tunisia, a master of the craft who knows all the tricks of the trade.

Each item is individually and meticulously crafted by hand, with careful attention to every detail, which may result in slight variations in size, color, or finish between each piece.

Care Instructions
We recommend hand washing or machine washing on a cold, delicate cycle with no spin to avoid damaging the natural fibers. Use a gentle liquid detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Hang to dry.


- A luxurious towel
- A cool bed cover 
- A lazy person's hair dryer
- A masterpiece canvas
- A turban
- A magic carpet

What can you do with a fouta by your side ? 

- Take a dip in the Mediterranean sea or enjoy an Italian-style shower

- Have a picnic without losing a crumb 

- Fall asleep like a dormouse on the golden sand or amidst the buttercups

- Listen to tall tales

- Enjoy a movie night or a night under the stars

- Set sail


As we wandered through a small alley in Ksar Hellal, it was easy to spot Ahmed's workshop just by listening to the sound of the looms.

This kind-hearted man works to the rhythm of his coffee-cigarette-fouta routine.

His workshop, which was originally a small garage, now houses four looms that operate non-stop throughout the day.

Inside, you'll find spools of thread, glasses of tea and coffee, cassette players from the 90's, and... an occasional bird that joins in the melody of the looms.

It's a delightful chaos that enchants us, as the beauty of the place is raw and unpretentious.

Here, only the outcome of a beautiful textile matters.

P.S: That mosaic!

Le tritptyque

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