The Maison

Jibel is a craft house inhabited by everyday objects, inspired by the memories of our beautiful escapes.

Our adventures within the Mediterranean lands, through its popular customs, invite us behind the scenes of Tunisia for this first sunny collection.

Shaped by the hands of humans, with heartfelt dedication, centuries-old gestures, and a commitment to creating - and creating well - our pieces are the result of a long odyssey.

Such is the essence of our savoir-faire :

Family-owned workshops off the beaten path, sharing our deep affection for fine materials, craftsmanship, and time. Man does not surpass the machine, but rather remains the master while it serves as the tool.

Jibel gives birth to a host of useful and beautiful objects, revealing an art of transmission and a concern for the environment, inherited from generation to generation.

Jibel highlights stories of traditions and ancient techniques, embracing the love for well-crafted work and the poetry of imperfections.

Through word of mouth and from workshop to workshop, our first collection came to life.

Raw material

Natural raw materials, such as seagrass and cotton, are favored in our manufacturing process. We firmly believe that accomplished quality contributes to the sustainability of our products and, consequently, to the longevity of their environment.

Our collection of blown glass derives its material from recycled glass bottles collected throughout the city of Nabeul. The glass is washed, separated by color, then broken into tiny pieces and melted at 1500 degrees Celsius.

Some of the raw materials we seek to use are not always available locally. Therefore, some of our artisanal productions incorporate imported materials from Europe, necessary to ensure the quality and durability of our products.

From a commitment to doing things right

Our artisanal production involves skilled craftsmanship, and we take pride in ensuring fair and equitable remuneration for our artisans, commensurate with their invaluable work.

We firmly believe that this approach is essential to guarantee the exceptional quality of our products and to support the local communities that enable this production.

Jibel is also committed to providing financial support to its artisans, aiming to contribute to a more dignified living environment.

This approach is a source of pride and motivation for us.